Career Academy Courses - Qualified Staff Team

Since our aim is to build career of students when they leave us, we have recruited best and qualified staff team for career academy courses, who are very dedicated and well versed in several subjects. They will properly guide you on the right path to become a working professional.

Our Staff


Patricia C. Madore


James J. Waters


Kathryn H. Goodner


Robert J. Adamo


Stephanie J. Krupp


Jesse S. Jackson


Barbara J. Miller


Charles D. Smith


Richards Career Academy says that we only work with the best instructors around and we mean it. Most of our staff has graduated from our renowned academy, and they have dedicated their lives to making your experience better than theirs was back in the day. Most of our teachers are listed on Heytutor

When Richards Career Academy began we had a small hands on staff. We were not able to hire many people so the ones we did hire had to wear many hats. We try to hold that same sentiment now when we hire new staff members. The hands on feel is still there, and you can see it in our student to teacher ratio. Also, all of our staff members are well versed in several subjects and can help you achieve greatness on several levels.

We pride ourselves on allowing you to have access to your professors. At major universities you might not ever meet some of your professors, but that is not the case with Richards Career Academy. In fact, in many classes it is required that you meet with your professor at least once a month to monitor your progress. These are the types of things that are necessary for you to move forward along your quest toward career greatness.

The classroom is not the end all to be all for a great college experience. We want our students to build a career when they leave our halls, and that starts with what happens on our campus. Our staff is dedicated to making sure that you are on the right path and doing the right thing to become a working professional. Most of our staff has either worked in the industry you hope to join or currently hold positions in that field. They can assist you and make sure you are doing what is necessary to reach the leave of success you want.