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Richards Career Academy starts and ends with our students.


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"Traditional college was never in the cards for me, and I thought I was doomed.
I never wanted students to feel as lost and lonely as I did, so I helped create Career Academy. We have not looked back ever since our inception."

Marvin G. Grady, co-Founder

who we are

We are a career college created by career driven individuals. While we were in school we constantly were told that we had to go to college but it never suit us. The fact that you have to take out a massive loan to get a top notch education felt crazy to us. Because of this we have created Richards Career Academy to make you feel comfortable and confident in your career.

There is not one monolithic approach to the way that you should be able to get an education. We call Richards Career Academy the answer for the misfits. You will fit in and thrive if you work hard with our trained professionals.

what we do

We offer fantastic education service for those students who do not want to go to a traditional style of college. All of our classes are certified and our teachers are absolutely the best at what they do. They will be able to lead you down the right path and help you to become an utmost professional. At some universities they create great students, we create great workers.

All of our classes are offered both online and in person. You can come use our facilities whenever you want and have access to thousands of texts that will assist you on your way. Comfortability and hard work are key to success at Richards Career Academy.


Coming to our career academy, you get the benefit of gaining skills that prepare you for the real world through our career academy courses and the added gains of our academy job opportunities that are exclusive to our members and alumni.